Skyland Community Corporation
The Skyland Estates community resides on the southwestern part of Blue Mountain in Linden, Virginia, in Warren County.  There are over 20 miles of roads in the community. 
Do you want to learn more about the quality of your water?

How it works:
1. At a brief informational meeting, pick up a sample kit and get instructions to collect your household water sample.
2. Collect a sample from your tap at home and complete a short questionnaire.
3. Drop off sample at a designated location and time.
4. About four (4) weeks later, come back to get your confidential test results, an explanation of what the numbers mean, and information on how to handle any problems that are present.

Littering is illegal and carries a $500 fine upon conviction.  Please help curtail this problem in our community by discouraging friends, neighbors, guests, and family from throwing trash out of their vehicle windows.

There is no HOA in Skyland Estates!