Skyland Community Corporation
The Skyland Estates community resides on the southwestern part of Blue Mountain in Linden, Virginia, in Warren County.  There are over 20 miles of roads in the community. 
July 2020 Sanitary District Public Hearing

SCC will resume its monthly Sanitary District Public Hearing tonight, July 1 at 7:00 pm at the library.  Participants are encouraged to wear masks, and the meeting may have to be held outside depending on the number of attendees, mask usage, and the weather.
COVID-19 Alters scheduled meetings for April, May, & June 2020

In accordance with the governor's orders, the monthly public Sanitary District hearings for April, & May have been canceled.  Although the June meeting would typically occur prior to the cutoff date of June 10th, we will reassess the feasibility of a meeting in June (after the 10th) as time draws closer.

Residents who have questions or concerns may contact SCC via email, phone, or our Facebook page.

For a direct link to the Virginia Governor's Orders and Directives, please visit 
Littering is illegal and carries a $500 fine upon conviction.  Please help curtail this problem in our community by discouraging friends, neighbors, guests, and family from throwing trash out of their vehicle windows.

There is no HOA in Skyland Estates!
If you represent a realtor or settlement company, please refer to our Realtor Info page.