Skyland Community Corporation
There is no HOA in Skyland Estates

Please do not ask for copies of bylaws or covenants in support of a property sale - those documents do not apply for real estate transaction purposes.  This community is a Sanitary District, and Skyland Community Corporation is a contractor who provides services to the Skyland Estates Sanitary District.

Most of Skyland Estates is a Sanitary District in Warren County (see County SD FAQs here).  Property owners receive sanitary district tax bills from Warren County along with their real estate bills, which are payable twice a year.  The first half bills are due June 5; second half bills are due December 5.  Skyland Community Corporation (SCC) is the managing contractor for Warren County under the terms of the Sanitary District Agreement with responsibility for maintaining and repairing the existing roads and for providing security patrols for the community. 

Properties in Sections 8 and 9 are not part of the Sanitary District, but these residents are still required to pay road fees annually in December to the SCC by the terms of the covenants to their deeds. In general, these properties are near the bottom of Steps to Heaven, on Demel Ct, and on Redmile Ct. The deeds for the properties in these areas reflect this requirement by incorporating a "Schedule A" document referring to Deed book 235, Page 451.

It is your responsibility to research whether a property you are showing is part of the Sanitary District or not.  You can contact the Warren County Commissioner of the Revenue Office to ask or you can visit the courthouse to look at the real estate records for the property.

There are Zoning Regulations in Skyland Estates imposed by Warren County on all Residential (R-1) Districts!!!

Warren County has a zoning ordinance that dictates rules for all districts.  If you have questions, please contact the Zoning office at (540) 636-3354.  You can find their FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page here.  

The Deed to the Property may have restrictive covenants!!!
You must consult the deed to the property to see if there are covenants that your purchaser must abide by. You can review this information in the Land Records area of the Warren County Courthouse.
The SCC is comprised of uncompensated volunteer resident stockholders of Skyland Estates. SCC is not an HOA or an agency of the government; it is a private contractor that provides services.   You may leave a telephone message at (540) 622-9111 or email and a community volunteer will respond as soon as possible.