Driveway Culverts

Most driveways in Skyland Estates have a culvert - a piece of pipe beneath the surface that allows for proper drainage of rain water.  With hard rains and time, culverts can become clogged, causing water damage to nearby properties and road surfaces.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to see that the culvert under his/her driveway is kept clear.  If tackled promptly before being completely filled in, sometimes a pressure washer can be of assistance with this task.

If the culvert needs to be replaced and it meets the criteria listed below, the SCC may be able to perform this service for you at the cost of materials.  Note that it would still be the homeowner's responsibility to purchase and spread any additional gravel that may be required once the installation is complete.

Culvert Replacement and Installation


If you need a culvert installed or replaced that is within 25 feet from the center of large roads or within 15 feet from the center of a smaller road, the SCC may be able to perform this service for a fee. For more information, review the Request for Culvert Installation form linked below.

If you submit your form by mail and do not hear back within 10-14 days, please leave a message at 540-622-9111 or email to follow up on your request.  Be sure to provide a name and phone number and/or email address where you can be reached.