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Here you'll find information that may help you survive and thrive in Skyland Estates, especially under challenging conditions.   We want the community to be as prepared as possible for emergencies because the reality is power outages are pretty common, especially as a result of storms.

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DocumentWinter Tips for ResidentsSuggested preparations for winter in our mountain community
DocumentSnow and Ice Removal PlanDescribes the approach taken for clearing roads
DocumentWhy Salt is Bad for Gravel RoadsDescribes why salt should not be applied to gravel roads

Street Sign Theft is an Ongoing Problem


Theft of Skyland Estates street signs continues to be an ongoing problem. Please be observant, and if you see anyone tampering with street signs in our community, call the Warren County Sheriff's office immediately to report it. The more information you can SAFELY provide, the more helpful your report will be. Vehicle description, license plate number, number of occupants, and descriptions of the occupants will be very beneficial. The non-emergency number for the sheriff's office is (540) 635-4128.

If you notice a street sign is missing, please email roads@skylandestates.com with the details. 
Rabies Safety

Raccoons, along with foxes, skunks, and bats, can carry the rabies virus without showing any of the typical symptoms; therefore, caution should always be used in areas where these animals live and forage. If symptomatic, the animal may display some or all of the following symptoms:


• Dragging rear legs

• Excessive drooling

• Scruffy fur

• Discharge from eyes and/or nose

• Lack of reaction to noise or nearby movement

• Repeated high pitched vocalization

• Self-mutilation


Prevention is the best way to avoid problems with raccoons. Follow these steps to reduce the chance of your home being attractive to raccoons:


• Keep any domesticated pets up to date on their rabies vaccination (or check blood titers to verify immunity)

• Secure trash in cans with tight fitting lids (use of rope, bungee cords, tie-downs, or weights may be helpful).

• Keep trash cans inside a shed or garage

• Consider freezing smelly items like fish and old food until you haul away your trash

• If dogs or cats are fed outside, do so only during the day, and pick up the bowls immediately after the meal.

• Supervise your pets when outdoors at all times

• Ensure your pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations (required by state law)

• If you have a pet door, lock it at night.

Fire Safety

Fires are a significant risk to residents and their property. Springtime is the time of year when fires spread most often because of the tendency for high winds. In spring of 2013, three fires occurred in Skyland Estates during the month of April alone.



2.   You MUST call the Sherriff’s Department at (540) 635-4128 BEFORE burning and AFTER the fire is extinguished.

3.   You MUST have a water supply available to control the fire.

4.   NEVER leave the fire unattended.

5.   NEVER burn on a windy day.


If your fire causes damage or loss of life, you are liable for those damages. Please do not jeopardize yourself, your home, and your fellow residents by being careless with fire.

For additional questions, please refer to the Outside Burning Regulations at the Warren County Fire & Rescue Services web site (http://www.warrencountyfire.com/fire-prevention/open-air-and-outside-burning.html).

Winter Storm Tips from VDEM

Here are some great tips from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management about preparing for winter storms:


Emergency Preparedness - Car Edition

Do you have a good emergency kit in your car?  It doesn't take much effort or expense to put some of the basics in your vehicle to improve the safety of you and your passengers.  Below is a list of 11 items for a BASIC emergency kit.


"Just the essentials" car emergency kit

  1. A few bottles of water & some non perishable food
  2. A WRITTEN list of emergency contacts (you may need to borrow someone's phone to make a call)
  3. Flashlight, batteries, and a whistle to get attention
  4. Rain gear (minimum poncho and umbrella) and/or winter coat
  5. Mittens/gloves, socks & a cap/hat, hand warmers, and 1-2 blankets.
  6. Ice scraper / snow brush
  7. Kitty litter or sand - weighs down the the car and can help with traction.  Sprinkle under tires if stuck.
  8. Washer fluid with de-icer
  9. Paper towels, toilet tissue, hand wipes/sanitizer
  10.   Small shovel (for digging out tires)
  11. Basic first aid kit or similar supplies


Heavily recommended additions as cost permits:

  • Roadside flares / safety triangles
  • Jumper cables (with directions on using them if you won't remember how)
  • A spare ice scraper (they break sometimes)
  • Duct tape
  • A few heavy duty trash bags (for bagging up wet items,using as impromptu ponchos, or covering broken windows)
  • Rope or paracord/550 cord - at least 50-100 feet (for tying things down or affixing trash bags over non-waterproof shoes/boots)
  • Cell phone charger
  • Matches and/or a disposable lighter